• Connecticut Edition now Available!

    Voter CheckList™ is an innovative, secure electronic pollbook that can be used for your Town's Referendums, Municipal Elections, State Primaries, State Elections and Presidential Elections.

    Features: Loads State of Connecticut ConnVERse Data, Absentee Voting, In-Person Voting, Offline Reporting, Robust Online Reporting and Detailed Audit-Level Logging.

    For Polling Locations with an active internet connection, reports are securely updated in "real-time" and access can be given to your election officials and candidates looking for the latest status.

Welcome to Voter CheckList™

If you would like try our product and/or see it in action, please call us today at (203) 598-1215 to schedule a demo or 30-day free trial.

  Please Note: We do not currently offer free trials of the product for use in an actual election.